Parag Dalal

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are fitted overhead in the various departments. The number and size of the sprinkler tanks vary according to the requirements of each mill, hut 011 an average each tank is from 30 feet to 60 feet either way, and carries permanently about 6 feet of water. The water is mostly a clean supply derived from the municipal mains, though an emergency connection with(More)
Dyeing and printing industries process outcome is one of the most common environmental unfriendly process. The heavy toxic chemicals are generally used for dying and printing process. The large amount of raw water is been used in this colorization process. This paper deals with the dye wastewater which is collected from Bhairavgarh area of Ujjain (M.P.)(More)
??r hours. The subject was Pursuecl J""^ Wlth the object of arriving at some effectrve, convenient and cheap method of dea & le millpond problem. As stated in the last paper, since the introduction of electric drive in the Bombay mills, these large collections of water are 110 longer in use and do not get heated up as they used to when the mills were(More)
Sir,?In the valuable article by Prof. Seal o pneumonic plague in your April 1949 issue, under tn precautionary measures, no mention is made of t importance of protecting the eyes against drop1? infection by the use of well-fitting goggles by all tacts of the patient by doctors and nurses. J,1! conjunctival mucous membrane is a very vulnera" point, and(More)
A stout test-tube of suitable width is selected. The specimen to be mounted is picked up on a long entomological needle, and absorbent cotton-wool is wrapped round the shaft of the needle till the cotton forms a closely-fitting bung; the whole is then introduced into the test-tube, the insect being foremost. The cotton plug is carefully pushed in till the(More)
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