Papri Saha

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A single mode semiconductor laser subjected to optical injection, described by a set of three coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations, exhibiting chaos is considered. By means of a recurrence analysis, quantification of the strange attractor is made. Analytical studies of the system using asymptotic averaging technique, derive certain conditions(More)
The chaotic properties of Newton-Leipnik system are discussed from the view point of strange attractors. Previously, two strange attractors of this system were illustrated which occured from two different initial conditions under the same parameter condition. It is found that above system also exhibits multiple attractors under different parameter values(More)
The dynamics of two nonlinear Bloch systems is studied from the viewpoint of bifurcation and a particular parameter space has been explored for the stability analysis based on stability criterion. This enables the choice of the desired unstable periodic orbit from the numerous unstable ones present within the attractor through the process of closed return(More)
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