Pappas V. Apostolos

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Type IV hiatal hernias are characterized by herniation of the stomach along with associated viscera such as the spleen, colon, small bowel, and pancreas through the esophageal hiatus. They are relatively rare, representing only about 5%-7% of all hernias, and can be associated with severe complications. We report a 71-year-old veteran wrestler who presented(More)
BACKGROUND Ecballium elaterium (also known as squirting cucumber in the Mediterranean countries) is a weedy plant that belongs to the Cucurbitacea family. The roots and juice of its fruits were used traditionally against a wide range of diseases and symptoms, since it was known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The use of the extract, though,(More)
Background After the global spread of the new swine-origin influenza virus A (H1N1) the World Health Organization raised the level of influenza pandemic alert up to phase 6, thus declaring a public health emergency of major importance. In response to this declaration many countries, including ours, organized a network for the reporting, diagnosis, and(More)
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