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  • Ted Belytschko Zdesek, P Ba Gi, +5 authors T~-Pesg Chasg
  • 2002
form and tinite-element solutions are examined for \rveral problem\ \bith strain-softening materials. In the closed form solutions, strain-softening causes localization of the strain v.hich is accompanied bb an instantaneous vanishing of the stre(h. The tinite-element solutions agree closely with analytic \oIution\ in many C;LSC~ and exhibit a rate of(More)
During the last century, the world soybean yield has been constantly enhancing at a remarkable rate. Factors limiting the soybean yield may be multiple. It is widely acknowledged that changes of root metabolism can influence aboveground characteristics, such as the seed yield and photosynthesis. In this study, we considered root bleeding sap mass (BSM) and(More)
  • Dorée Jp, Des Rosiers, +12 authors Corey
  • 2015
Restrictive approach (narrow filter and clustering all questions) [0=No, 1=Yes] PLUS approach [0=No, 1=Yes] 1 Major Depression in Adults 2008 1485 If the patient does not improve at the third or fourth week, any of the following strategies could be followed: 1)Switching from an antidepressant to any family, including another serotonergic. 2)Combining(More)
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