Papa Diogop Ndiaye

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Survival rates of patients with metastatic or recurrent cancers have remained virtually unchanged during the past 30 years. This fact makes the need for new therapeutic options even more urgent. An attractive option would be to target autophagy, an essential quality control process that degrades toxic aggregates, damaged organelles, and signaling proteins,(More)
BACKGROUND Home birth remains a major cause of maternal and neonatal deaths in Senegal. The objective of this study was to identify the determinants of home birth in women who attended at least one antenatal consultation during their last pregnancy. METHOD The study was cross-sectional and analytical. It covered a sample of 380 women selected at random(More)
Malaria is assimilated with its cardinal symptom, i.e., fever. Treatment of fever with antimalarial drugs is crucial to the prevention of malaria-related death in Senegal. The objective of this study was to analyze fever-treatment practices as a basis for making realistic recommendations for self-treatment in the northern health district of Dakar, Senegal.(More)
Degradation of signaling proteins is one of the most powerful tumor-suppressive mechanisms by which a cell can control its own growth, its survival, and its motility. Emerging evidence suggests that autophagy limits several signaling pathways by degrading kinases, downstream components, and transcription factors; however, this often occurs under stressful(More)
The black-chinned tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron is a marine teleost characterised by an extreme euryhalinity. However, beyond a certain threshold at very high salinity, the species exhibits impaired growth and precocious reproduction. In this study, the relationships between reproductive parameters, environmental salinity and condition factor were(More)
Arterial supply to the sino-atrial and atrioventricular node is studied after coronary RHODOPAS injection on 15 adult hearts taken off during autopsy. Both coronaries were injected in 7 cases, left ostium in 2 cases and the right on in 6 cases. The sino-atrial node is supplied by the right sino atrionodal artery (S.A.N.A) in 6 cases upon 7 and in 3 cases by(More)
BACKGROUND A program to eliminate obstetric urogenital fistula (OUGF) was set up on February 19, 2004 in Niger. Though the consultations were free of charge, there was a cost involved, which constitutes the objective of this study. METHOD The data were obtained from a documentary study completed by discussions with the principal management participants(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this epidemiological study was to determine factors influencing management of obstetrical fistula (OF) by attempting to understand the itinerary followed by women suffering from OF in Niger. Study was carried out during the surgery session that took place at the Niamey National Hospital from April 18 to 29, 2006. Study variables(More)
The nuclear DNA content characterization was carried out by means of both DNA index and DNA histogram type assessments in a series of 21 retinoblastomas, 11 neuroblastomas, 1 ganglioneuroblastoma, and 4 medulloblastomas. These measurements were performed by means of the cytophotometric digital cell image analyses of Feulgen-stained nuclei. The results(More)
A fundamental issue in cell biology is how the activation of a signaling pathway should lead to the appropriate cell response. Because of their oncogenic potential, the abundance, the duration and the localization of key signaling proteins must be carefully controlled. Negative feedback loops that combine transcription and protein-protein interactions are(More)