Paolo Tenchini

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The authors, in this second part of "The other face of Oxygen", pay attention no more to O2, the "untrustworthy" protagonist of oxidation, but to the opposite side, namely the "physiologic" antioxidative protections. Such antioxidative protections, which were being prepared and improved in cell, in interstices and in organic liquids, during millions of(More)
The pulmonary metastatic locations due to colorectal cancer were considered, in not remote times, not worthy of surgical treatment. At present, according to our experience and some other Authors' one, the surgical removal of metachronal pulmonary metastases should be considered suitable to improve the period of life free from symptoms and the survival. The(More)
The AA. report 136 cases of exocrine pancreas carcinomata that they have observed in 8 years in Surgical Hospital in Verona and they tackle diagnostic problems and surgical therapy. They confirmed the utility for the diagnosis of echotomography (ECO), computerizing axial tomography (T.A.C.), retrograde-endoscopic-cholangio-pancreatography (PTC). Considering(More)
Survey of 18 cases of cancer in the Papilla of Vater, which were observed during the years between 1971 and 1979 at the Surgical Clinic of Padua University - Seat of Verona - with particular regard to the diagnostic means and their reliability. The histological investigations gave the following results: All lesions were found to be adenocarcinomas; 6 cases(More)
Pyogenic abscess of the liver is viewed here as a surgical disease, which appears to raise doubts as to its actual identity. Though located in a given abdominal organ, such abscesses find it hard to recognize this as their exclusive setting and attempt to shrug off these traditional confines. They aspire, rightly or wrongly perhaps, to symbolize a(More)
Obstacles of vascular type may hinder or prevent pancreatic destruction for tumours of the pancreas or periampullary tumours. Out of 72 major pancreatic demolitions (cephalic duodenopancreatectomy or subtotal pancreatectomy from rt to lt) there were vascular difficulties on 26 occasions (36%), of which 15 were in existence prior to development of the(More)
In the following reports two main problems are questioned by the Authors. To start with, a sharp distinction is made between the so-called "theoretical physiology" and the "actual" use of the physiological functions adopted by the single man and woman. The second question is concerned with the biological consistency of the different surgical approaches. In(More)