Paolo Tedeschi

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BACKGROUND A suitable definition of primary care to capture the variety of prevailing international organisation and service-delivery models is lacking. AIM Evaluation of strength of primary care in Europe. DESIGN AND SETTING International comparative cross-sectional study performed in 2009-2010, involving 27 EU member states, plus Iceland, Norway,(More)
BACKGROUND Scientific research has provided evidence on benefits of well developed primary care systems. The relevance of some of this research for the European situation is limited.There is currently a lack of up to date comprehensive and comparable information on variation in development of primary care, and a lack of knowledge of structures and(More)
Primary care is the central pillar of health care. The increasingly complex health needs of the population and individual patients in a changing society can only be met by promoting interprofessional collaboration (IpC) within primary care teams. The aim of this Position Paper of the European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) is to analyse how to improve IpC(More)
On this topic, Bob Hudson w1x previously observed that ‘‘It is now de riguer to talk of the shift from hierarchy to network in public sector governance « but what is often lacking is an understanding of how to analyse network governance’’. In literature, many commentators indeed point out that networks are unlike markets and hierarchies. However, the(More)
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