Paolo Stoppa

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Difluoromethane (CH(2)F(2), HFC-32) is a molecule used in refrigerant mixtures as a replacement of the more environmentally hazardous, ozone depleting, chlorofluorocarbons. On the other hand,(More)
Sulfur dioxide is still the subject of numerous spectroscopic studies since it plays an active role in the chemistry of Earth's atmosphere and it is a molecule of proven astrophysical importance. In(More)
Difluoromethane (CH2F2, HFC-32) has been proposed as a valid replacement for both CFCs and HCFCs (in particular HCFC-22), and nowadays it is widely used in refrigerant mixtures. Due to its commercial(More)
The FTIR spectra of CH2[double bond]CHF have been investigated in the nu(8), nu(10), and nu(11) region between 750 and 1050 cm(-1) at a resolution of about 0.002 cm(-1). The nu(8) vibration of(More)
The gas-phase infrared spectra of bromodifluoromethane, CHBrF(2), have been examined at medium resolution in the range of 200-9500 cm(-1). The assignment of the absorptions in terms of fundamental,(More)
The gas-phase infrared spectra of 1-chloro-1-fluoroethene (geminal chloro-fluoroethene, ClFC=CH2, 1,1-C2H2ClF) were recorded at medium resolution in the range 400 - 6400 cm-1 and the vibrational(More)