Paolo Srinivasan

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The impact of the interfacial layer thickness on the low-frequency (LF) noise (1/f noise) behavior of nand p-channel MOSFETs with high-κ gate dielectrics and metal gates is investigated. Decreasing the interfacial layer thickness from 0.8 to 0.4 nm affects the 1/f noise in two ways. 1) The mobility fluctuations mechanism becomes the main source of 1/f noise(More)
The defects related to the gate–dielectric in high-j-MOSFETs are studied using the 1/f noise technique. Three different types of gate electrodes were used for this purpose – poly-Si, metal (TiN/TaN) and fully Ni Silicided (FUSI) electrodes with Hf-based oxides as the gate dielectric layer. All the three types of devices show a specific behavior near the(More)
Effect of Nitridation on Low-Frequency (1/f) Noise in nand p-MOSFETS with HFO2 Gate Dielectrics P. Srinivasan, E. Simoen,* Z. M. Rittersma, W. Deweerd, L. Pantisano, C. Claeys,** and D. Misra* IMEC, Kapeldreef 75, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey 00712, USA(More)
The low-frequency LF noise performance of nand p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors MOSFETs with different Hf-based gate oxides, deposited by metallorganic chemical vapor deposition MOCVD on the same interfacial oxide layer and using polysilicon poly-Si as a gate material has been investigated. Independent of the gate oxide, the LF(More)
Flicker noise is used as a diagnostic tool to analyze the degradation mechanism before and after BTI in thin and thick gate oxide FinFETs. Although nFETs show lower BTI than pFETs for thick gate oxides, comparable BTI degradation is noticed between thin gate oxide nFETs and pFETs. Analyses of noise spectra reveal that: the degradation of oxide occurs closer(More)
Substrate hot electron stress was applied on n-ringed n-channel MOS capacitors with TiN/Hf-silicate based gate stacks to study the role of O vacancy induced deep bulk defects in trapping and transport. For the incident carrier energies above the calculated O vacancy formation threshold, applied on MOS devices with the thick high-j layer, both the flatband(More)
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