Paolo Srinivasan

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—The impact of the interfacial layer thickness on the low-frequency (LF) noise (1/f noise) behavior of n-and p-channel MOSFETs with high-κ gate dielectrics and metal gates is investigated. Decreasing the interfacial layer thickness from 0.8 to 0.4 nm affects the 1/f noise in two ways. 1) The mobility fluctuations mechanism becomes the main source of 1/f(More)
The nitridation effects on low-frequency ͑1/f͒ noise in metallorganic chemical vapor deposited HfO 2 n-and p-metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors ͑MOSFETs͒ are reported. Devices with a postdeposition anneal ͑PDA͒, performed after HfO 2 deposition, in a N 2 or NH 3 ambient were investigated. A significant variation in noise was observed when(More)
The defects related to the gate–dielectric in high-j-MOSFETs are studied using the 1/f noise technique. Three different types of gate electrodes were used for this purpose – poly-Si, metal (TiN/TaN) and fully Ni Silicided (FUSI) electrodes with Hf-based oxides as the gate dielectric layer. All the three types of devices show a specific behavior near the(More)
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