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We report a nonparallel stacked arrangement of donor–acceptor (D–A) pairs for prolonging the lifetime of photoinduced charge-separated states. Hydrogen–hydrogen steric repulsion in naphthalimide-naphthalene (NIN) dyad destabilizes the planar geometry between the constituent units in solution/ground state. Sterically imposed nonplanar geometry of the dyad(More)
The selection of safety measures to be applied in an industrial plant to reduce risk to an acceptable level is a critical task for safety engineers. However, to select a portfolio of safety measures is quite hard as a number of different hazards have to be counteracted simultaneously and a wide range of preventive or protective measures can be chosen,(More)
Synthesis, spectral and structural characterization of a pyrroloindolizine derivative having structural similarity with calix[2]pyrrole is described. Here, two pyrrole rings are connected with two meso-carbon atoms having an N,α-linkage and an α,β-linkage to afford the smallest analogue in the calixpyrrole family. Detailed NMR spectroscopic studies along(More)
Fluorine interaction assisted AIEE characteristic in an expanded calixbenzophyrin is presented by single-crystal X-ray-diffraction analysis and molecular modelling approaches. Selective exposure to volatile organic compounds such as ketones and esters results in the breaking of fluorine interaction, leading to enhanced monomer emission.