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We report a nonparallel stacked arrangement of donor–acceptor (D–A) pairs for prolonging the lifetime of photoinduced charge-separated states. Hydrogen–hydrogen steric repulsion in naphthalimide-naphthalene (NIN) dyad destabilizes the planar geometry between the constituent units in solution/ground state. Sterically imposed nonplanar geometry of the dyad(More)
The syntheses and spectral and structural characterization of hitherto unknown p-benzene incorporated normal, expanded, strapped and N-confused calixbenzophyrins are achieved; altogether five new macrocycles from a single starting material are reported. The binding studies of the strapped macrocycle revealed that the molecule is selective towards Fe(III)(More)
Tetraarylpyrazoles are synthesized from commercially available materials in three steps and found to exhibit Aggregation Induced Emission Enhancement (AIEE) characteristics. Removing one aryl unit from tetraarylpyrazole leads to Aggregation Caused Quenching (ACQ), thus the number of aryl groups plays an important role in exploring such a phenomenon.
The selection of safety measures to be applied in an industrial plant to reduce risk to an acceptable level is a critical task for safety engineers. However, to select a portfolio of safety measures is quite hard as a number of different hazards have to be counteracted simultaneously and a wide range of preventive or protective measures can be chosen,(More)