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Anoles are a clade of iguanian lizards that underwent an extensive radiation between 125 and 65 million years ago. Their karyotypes show wide variation in diploid number spanning from 26 (Anolis evermanni) to 44 (A. insolitus). This chromosomal variation involves their sex chromosomes, ranging from simple systems (XX/XY), with heterochromosomes represented(More)
Environmental, climate and historical factors are important to explain patterns of freshwater biodiversity and population dynamics in the Mediterranean area. This region is one of the most important areas for the maintenance of native lineages for brown trout. The aim of this study was the identification of the main drivers for the spread and the(More)
It is well known that temporal fluctuations in small populations deeply influence evolutionary potential. Less well known is whether fluctuations can influence the evolutionary potentials of species with large census sizes. Here, we estimated genetic population parameters from as survey of polymorphic microsatellite DNA loci in archived otoliths from(More)
In this pilot study for the first time, ancient DNA has been extracted from bone remains of Salmo trutta. These samples were from a stratigraphic succession located in a coastal cave of Calabria (southern Italy) inhabited by humans from upper Palaeolithic to historical times. Seven pairs of primers were used to PCR-amplify and sequence from 128 to 410 bp of(More)
The sustained exploitation of marine populations requires an understanding of a species' adaptive seascape so that populations can track environmental changes from short- and long-term climate cycles and from human development. The analysis of the distributions of genetic markers among populations, together with correlates of life-history and environmental(More)
Squamate reptiles show a striking diversity in modes of sex determination, including both genetic (XY or ZW) and temperature-dependent sex determination systems. The genomes of only a handful of species have been sequenced, analyzed and assembled including the genome of Anolis carolinensis. Despite a high genome coverage, only macrochromosomes of A.(More)
Sea drowning is a common cause of accidental death worldwide. Respiratory complications such as acute pulmonary oedema, which is often complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome, is often seen. Noninvasive ventilation is already widely used as a first approach to treat acute respiratory failure resulting from multiple diseases. We report a case of a(More)
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, characterized by hyperextensible skin, hypermobile joints, and fragile vessels, is the most common heritable disorder of connective tissue and has an estimated prevalence of 1 in 5000. Pulmonary involvement with signs of lung destruction (bullous emphysema) as first presentation is unusual. We report a case of monozygotic twins 37(More)
We present a case of fatal pneumomediastinum in a patient with acute respiratory failure caused by acute exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) and interstitial lung disease (ILD) precipitated by noninvasive mechanical ventilation (NIMV). To our knowledge, this is the first case reported in the literature. NIMV is very useful to treat(More)