Paolo Roberto Livotto

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An automated protocol is proposed and validated, which integrates accurate quantum mechanical calculations with classical numerical simulations. Intermolecular force fields, (FF) suitable for molecular dynamics (MD) and Monte Carlo simulations, are parameterized through a novel iterative approach, fully based on quantum mechanical data, which has been(More)
The convergence behavior of connected triples correlation energy in CCSD(T) and CC3 calculations with (aug-)cc-pVXZ basis sets has been accurately described in terms of a power law of the type E(X)=E(infinity)+AX(-4). Calculations ranging from double-Z through septuple-Z attest the validity of this X(-4) convergence model. Extrapolations generated from(More)
The possible action of carbon-centered radicals in promoting damage to DNA is explored by generation of the 2-phenylethyl radical. The radical is generated during oxidation of phenelzine (2-phenylethyl hydrazine) by ferricyanide, as well as optically from phenylpropionic acid. Covalent binding of the 2-phenylethyl radical to DNA is suggested by studies with(More)
It is well known that the macroscopic physico-chemical properties of ionic liquids (ILs) are influenced by the presence of water that strongly interferes with the supramolecular organization of these fluids. However, little is known about the function of water traces within this confined space and restricted ionic environments, i.e. between cations and(More)
A multilevel approach is presented to assess the ability of several popular dispersion corrected density functionals (M06-2X, CAM-B3LYP-D3, BLYP-D3, and B3LYP-D3) to reliably describe two-body interaction potential energy surfaces (IPESs). To this end, the automated Picky procedure ( Cacelli et al. J. Comput. Chem. 2012 , 33 , 1055 ) was exploited, which(More)
Anisotropic self-organized hybrid silica based xerogels were obtained. The ordered structure was imposed by the double charged 1,4-diazoniabicycle[2.2.2]octane chloride group bonded in a bridged way. This was confirmed by the presence of well defined X-ray diffraction peaks corresponding to an interplanar distance with the same length estimated for the(More)
The Sonogashira coupling of 2-bromopyridine with 8-quinolinyl-acetylene affords 2-pyridinyl-8-quinolinyl-acetylene (1) in high yields. The chloropalladation of 1 with Li(2)PdCl(4) in methanol at room temperature affords the pincer palladacycle (C(5)H(4)N-2-C=C(Cl)-8-C(9)H(6)kappaN,kappaC,kappaN)PdCl (2) in 63% yield. The X-ray molecular structure of (2)(More)
Rosuvastatin (RST), a synthetic statin, is a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitor, with a number of pleiotropic properties, such as anti-inflammation, antioxidation and cardiac remodelling attenuation. According to IMS Health, rosuvastatin was the third best-selling drug in the United States in 2012. RST was recently found in European(More)
1-n-Butyl-2,3-dimethylimidazolium (BMMI) ionic liquids (ILs) associated with different anions undergo H/D exchange preferentially at 2-Me group of the imidazolium in deuterated solvents. This process is mainly related to the existence of ion pairs rather than the anion basicity. The H/D exchange occurs in solvents (CDCl3 and MeCN for instance) in which(More)