Paolo Rigiroli

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the in vivo effect of apomorphine sublingual versus placebo on cortical and subcortical brain activation during video sexual stimulation. METHODS Ten patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction and six potent controls underwent functional magnetic resonance of the brain during video sexual stimulation after the administration of(More)
It is well recognized that sexual stimulation leading to penile erection is controlled by different areas in the brain. Animal erection studies have shown that apomorphine (a D2>D1 dopamine receptors nonselective agonist) seems to act on neurons located within the paraventricular nucleus and the medial preoptic area of the hypothalamus. Yet, only recently,(More)
Video-camera systems are widely used in biomechanics and clinical fields to measure the 3D kinematic measurements of human motion. To be used, they need to be calibrated, that is the parameters which geometrically define the cameras have to be determined. It is shown here how this can be achieved by surveying a rigid bar in motion inside the working volume,(More)
In this paper a new approach to the reconstruction of 3D trajectories of dense marker sets is proposed. Key element is the use of multiple passes to reconstruct the spatiotemporal structure of the movement with high reliability. First the tracking procedure computes a coarse structure of the motion, which is then recursively refined disambiguating difficult(More)
Although many sophisticated solutions have been proposed to reduce the geometry complexity of a 3D mesh, few of these take into account color and texture fields, which are fundamental for a visual appearance of high quality. We propose here an innovative solution which combines the concept of hierarchy in refining a mesh with color attributes with mesh(More)
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