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  • Paolo Renna
  • 2010
Job shop scheduling problem is a NP-hard problem, therefore the objective is to create a schedule that satisfies all the constraints while taking as little overall time as possible. The paper concerns the job shop scheduling problem in cellular manufacturing systems; the schedule is created by a pheromone based approach. The proposed approach is carried out(More)
Nowadays the ability to provide outpatient services with exceptional quality is paramount to long-term survival of hospitals, as the revenues from outpatient services are predicted to equal or exceed inpatient revenues in the near future. Identifying the relative weight of different dimensions of healthcare quality service which concur together to determine(More)
In recent years, manufacturing companies have entered a new era in which all manufacturing enterprises must compete in a global economy. To stay competitive, companies must use production systems that only produce their goods with high productivity, but also allow rapid response to market changes and customers' needs. The emerging new paradigm of inter-firm(More)
absTraCT The cooperative inter-municipal waste collection can be a real added value in terms of costs reduction and high performance services. The chapter proposes a Multi Agent Approach to support the inter-municipal infrastructure. The Multi Agent Systems (MAS) is an approach suitable to implement a distributed physically problem as the inter-municipal(More)