Paolo Piccinini

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The paper presents a new fast and robust technique of smoke detection in video surveillance images. The approach aims at detecting the spring or the presence of smoke by analyzing color and texture features of moving objects, segmented with background subtraction. The proposal embodies some novelties: first the temporal behavior of the smoke is modeled by a(More)
Smoke detection is a crucial task in many video surveillance applications and could have a great impact to raise the level of safety of urban areas. Many commercial smoke detection sensors exist but most of them cannot be applied in open space or outdoor scenarios. With this aim, the paper presents a smoke detection system that uses a common CCD camera(More)
Smoke detection calls for a reliable and fast distinction between background, moving objects and variable shapes that are recognizable as smoke. In our system we propose a stable background suppression module joined with a smoke detection module working on segmented objects. It exploits two features: the energy variation in wavelet model and a color model(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Pick-and-place applications Machine vision for industrial applications SIFT This paper presents an innovative approach for detecting and localizing duplicate objects in pick-and-place applications under extreme conditions of occlusion, where standard appearance-based approaches are likely to be ineffective. The approach(More)
—This paper proposes a simple yet effective approach for segmenting multiple instances of the same object for a pick-and-place application. The considered objects present several challenges, such as low texture, semi-transparent container, moving parts, and severe occlusions. Real-time constraints must be met, calling for a good trade-off between accuracy(More)
ViSOR (Video Surveillance Online Repository) is a large video repository, designed for containing annotated video surveillance footages, comparing annotations, evaluating system performance, and performing retrieval tasks. The web interface allows video browse, query by annotated concepts or by keywords, compressed video preview, media download and upload.(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for detecting multiple instances of the same object for pick-and-place automation. The working conditions are very challenging, with complex objects, arranged at random in the scene, and heavily occluded. This approach exploits SIFT to obtain a set of correspondences between the object model and the current image. In(More)
This paper presents an innovative approach for localizing and segmenting duplicate objects for industrial applications. The working conditions are challenging, with complex heavily-occluded objects, arranged at random in the scene. To account for high flexibility and processing speed, this approach exploits SIFT keypoint extraction and mean shift clustering(More)
– The costs associated with the management of healthcare systems have been subject to continuous scrutiny for some time now, with a view to reducing them without affecting the quality as perceived by final users. A number of different solutions have arisen based on centralisation of healthcare services and investments in Information Technology (IT). One(More)
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