Paolo Pesciullesi

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We describe the implementation of ASSIST, a programming environment for parallel and distributed programs. Its coordination language is based of the parallel skeleton model, extended with new features to enhance expressiveness, parallel software reuse, software component integration and interfacing to external resources. The compilation process and the(More)
This paper presents AssistConf, a graphical user interface designed to configure an ASSIST program and to run it on a Grid platform. ASSIST (A Software development System based upon Integrated Skeleton Technology) is a new programming environment for the development of parallel and distributed high-performance applications. The main goals of ASSIST are(More)
We describe how the ASSIST parallel programming environment can be used to run parallel programs on collections of heterogeneous workstations and evaluate the scalability of one task-farm real application and a data-parallel benchmark, comparing the actual performance figures measured when using homogeneous and heterogeneous workstation clusters. We(More)
ASSIST is a parallel programming environment aimed at providing programmers of complex parallel application with a suitable and effective programming tool. Being based on algoritmical skeletons and coordination languages technologies, the programming environment relieves the programmer from a number of cumbersome, error prone activities that are required(More)
We propose the design of a data management abstraction level to implement a full set of parallel KDD applications with minimal performance overhead and greater scalability than conventional DBMS, providing a high-level parallel API to be exploited by parallel and out-of-core data mining algorithms. We describe an existing prototype and report examples and(More)
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