Paolo Persichetti

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INTRODUCTION Combined malignant naevi are characterised pathologically by the association of a melanoma with one or more different types of benign melanocytic naevi in a single lesion. CASE PRESENTATION We show here a case of malignant combined naevus made up of a blue naevus and a melanoma, presenting as a slowly progressing and asymptomatic pigmented(More)
BACKGROUND Venous thromboembolism, a spectrum of diseases ranging from deep venous thrombosis to pulmonary embolism, is a major source of morbidity and mortality. The majority of cases described in plastic surgery involve abdominoplasty. Risk assessment and prophylaxis are paramount in such patients. General recommendations were recently developed, but the(More)
Figures affected by goiter were only sparsely depicted by Peter Paul Rubens and Albrecht Dürer among Flemish artists, because obvious goiter was not common in regions such as the Netherlands and Belgium. However, the recent observation of two figures with a goiter elegantly depicted by Rogier van der Weyden has raised our interest in this topic. When taking(More)
Breast implant exposure due to poor tissue coverage or previous irradiation represents a surgical challenge both in the reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery practice. In case of implant extrusion or incipient exposure, the commonly suggested strategies, such as targeted antibiotic therapy, drainage and lavage of the cavity, fistulectomy, and primary(More)
BACKGROUND In all branches of medicine, it is the surgeon's responsibility to provide the patient with accurate information before surgery. This is especially important in cosmetic surgery because the surgeon must focus on the aesthetic results desired by the patient. METHODS An experimental protocol was developed based on an original questionnaire given(More)
Although Renaissance artists were skilled in representing normal anatomy, a close look at some paintings reveals anatomical variations in the depiction of the feet of human figures. A systematic review has identified 25 paintings by five artists in which the presumptive medico-artistic diagnosis of congenital or acquired foot deformity seems to be varyingly(More)
785 weighted sequences with a reduction of the non-homogeneous internal signal sequences obtained with the suppression of the fat signal with modest and nuanced post-contrast enhancement. A preliminary diagnosis of multiple lipomatosis was taken. The procedure was performed under general anesthesia. A double surgical access was adopted: 1) the first, in the(More)