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We propose a complete Born–Infeld–like action for a bosonic 5–brane with a worldvolume chiral field in a background of gravitational and antisymmetric gauge fields ofD = 11 supergravity. When the five–brane couples to a three–rank antisymmetric gauge field, local symmetries of the five–brane require the addition to the action of an appropriate Wess–Zumino(More)
We consider a generalization of a duality symmetric model proposed by Schwarz and Sen [1]. It is based on enlarging the model with a dynamical vector field being a time-like component of a local Lorentz frame. This allows one to preserve the manifest Lorentz invariance of the model in flat space–time. The presence of this field is regarded as a relic of(More)
We perform a generalization of the geometrical approach to describing extended objects for studying the doubly supersymmetric twistor–like formulation of super–p–branes. Some basic features of embedding world supersurface into target superspace specified by a geometrodynamical condition are considered. It is shown that the main attributes of the geometrical(More)
We consider a space–time invariant duality symmetric action for a free Maxwell field and an SL(2,R)× SO(6, 22) invariant effective action describing a low–energy bosonic sector of the heterotic string compactified on a six–dimensional torus. The manifest Lorentz and general coordinate invariant formulation of the models is achieved by coupling dual gauge(More)
We present the superfield generalization of free higher spin equations in tensorial superspaces and analyze tensorial supergravity as a possible framework for the construction of a non–linear higher spin field theory. Surprisingly enough, we find that the most general solution of the supergravity constraints is given by a class of superconformally flat and(More)
We review a generic structure of conventional (Nambu–Goto and Dirac–Born–Infeld– like) worldvolume actions for the superbranes and show how it is connected through a generalized action construction with a doubly supersymmetric geometrical approach to the description of super–p–brane dynamics as embedding world supersurfaces into target superspaces. During(More)
To construct actions for describing superbranes propagating in AdS×S superbackgrounds we propose a coset space realization of these superbackgrounds which results in a short polynomial fermionic dependence (up to a six power in Grassmann coordinates) of target superspace supervielbeins and superconnections. Gauge fixing κ–symmetry in a way compatible with a(More)