Paolo Minzioni

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Optofluidic microsystems are key components towards lab-on-a-chip devices for manipulation and analysis of biological specimens. In particular, the integration of optical tweezers (OT) in these devices allows stable sample trapping, while making available mechanical, chemical and spectroscopic analyses.
We realized an integrated microfluidic chip that allows measuring both optical deformability and acoustic compressibility on single cells, by optical stretching and acoustophoresis experiments respectively. Additionally, we propose a measurement protocol that allows evaluating the experimental apparatus parameters before performing the cell-characterization(More)
This work reports the lessening of optical signal distortion due to group velocity dispersion by incorporating the optical phase conjugation (OPC) scheme in order to meet the requirement of high speed signals with better performance. The work reports a comparative discussion of with-and without-incorporating OPC at varied values of its efficiency based on(More)
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