Paolo Marannino

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|This paper concentrates on studying the eeect of SVC and TCSC controllers on the Available Transfer Capability A TC. Standard voltage collapse techniques are used to determine the ATC of a test system, considering a variety of system limits. Then, based on second-order sensitivity analysis, optimal locations for these particular FACTS controllers are(More)
— The aim of this paper is to find out an optimization algorithm for wind power plants, where the wind turbines are equipped by DFIG, connected to onshore grid by means VSC-HVDC link. The offshore grid frequency is assumed variable under a fixed range and the wind power tracking characteristic of the DFIG has to be extended to consider the additional grid(More)
– This paper proposes the development of an appropriate control system for the real-time management of large offshore Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) based wind farms, connected to the transmission network by Voltage Source Converter High Voltage Direct Current (VSC-HVDC) link. In this plant layout, variable frequency operation lets wind turbines to(More)
– The Hierarchical Voltage Control (HVC) has been adopted in some countries as a significant improvement of the traditional voltage control solutions. This paper deals with the Optimal Reactive Power Flow (ORPF) from a Multi-objective perspective. In particular, it studies the interactions between three objective functions (OFs): one is the " traditional "(More)
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