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The objective of this study was to test the hypothesis of a lower mortality from cancer and cardiovascular diseases among men expressing glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency. We designed a mortality study based on death certificates from January 1, 1982 through December 31, 1992 in a cohort of G6PD-deficient men. Cohort members were 1,756(More)
The amino acid analogue 3-nitrotyrosine (3-NT) is formed in neural cells as a result of the intense stimulation of NMDA glutamate receptors. 3-NT is involved in the pathology of diverse neurodegenerative disorders. The aim of our work is to investigate the sensitivity of cultured neural and glial cells to 3-NT. We report the morphological changes detected(More)
Bone microstructure of domestic herbivores is still not completely understood. Indeed, works focused on the bone histology of numerous Mammalian species frequently led to misunderstandings because of the high number of variations such as the kind of bone, section orientation, species, breed and age. Moreover, attempts to identify the species in(More)
In a survey of 930 adults aged 35-74 years randomly sampled from the general population of four areas of Italy at different risks for gastric cancer (GC), plasma levels of pepsinogens (PGI and PGII) and fat-soluble vitamins were assayed. Pepsinogen levels were used to identify individuals with chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG). Severe CAG (PGI < or = 20(More)
This article examines the morphological features of the dog during the Roman Age on the basis of osseous and dental remains dug up in Pompeii. The material, consisting of 113 canine bones and teeth, was subjected to both morphological and morphometrical analyses and was compared with modern canine breeds. In most cases, the age at death, shoulder height and(More)
3-nitro-L-tyrosine is formed by nitric oxide following different pathways such as NADPH oxidase, xanthine oxidase or glutamate NMDA receptor activation and is involved in the pathology of different neurological disorders. Unlike estradiol, a neuroprotective role of androgens against oxidative cell injury has not been fully investigated. This work targets(More)
In a survey of 930 adults aged 35-74 years randomly sampled from the general population of four areas of Italy, two at low and two at high risk for gastric cancer, plasma levels of Helicobacter pylori IgG antibodies were assayed in order to investigate associations with the geographical distribution of gastric cancer and other dietary and life-style(More)
Neurons confined to the central nervous system usually fail to regenerate their axons after injury, although evidence of axonal re-growth has been reported. In this study, rat transcallosal fibres were severed in the midline in order to investigate the reactive plasticity responses in the frontal and occipital cortices of both sides. The expression of(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the association between silica, silicosis and lung cancer, the mortality of 724 patients with silicosis, first diagnosed by standard chest x ray film between 1964 and 1970, has been analysed by a cohort study extended to 31 December 1997. METHODS Smoking and detailed occupational histories were available for each member of the(More)
In previous experiments performed on anaesthetised rats, we demonstrated that whisking neurons responsive to spontaneous movement of the macrovibrissae are located within the trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus (Me5) and that retrograde tracers injected into the mystacial pad of the rat muzzle extensively labelled a number of Me5 neurons. In order to evaluate(More)