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We present a detailed analysis of the dynamics of photon transport in waveguiding systems in the presence of a two-level system. In these systems, quantum interference effects generate a strong effective optical nonlinearity on the few-photon level. We clarify the relevant physical mechanisms through an appropriate quantum many-body approach. Based on this,(More)
We present a theoretical analysis of pulse propagation in a waveguide with a side-coupled Kerr nonlinear cavity. As a specific application, we demonstrate how the nonlinearity has a profound influence on transport properties of a photon-added coherent state. We find that the fields provided by the coherent states facilitate a tunable nonlinearity on the(More)
The Hong-Ou-Mandel effect is studied in the context of two-photon transport in a one-dimensional waveguide with a single scatterer. We numerically investigate the scattering problem within a time-dependent, wave-function-based framework. Depending on the realization of the scatterer and its properties, we calculate the joint probability of finding both(More)