Paolo Lombardi

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—This paper presents an evolutionary approach able to process a digital image and detect tracks left by preceding vehicles on ice and snow in Antarctica. Biologically inspired by a colony of ants able to interact and cooperate to determine the shortest path to the food, this approach is based on autonomous agents moving along the image pixels and(More)
The way of collecting sensor data will face a revolution when the newly developing technology of distributed sensor networks becomes fully functional and widely available. Smart sensors will acquire full interconnection capabilities with similar devices, so that run-time data aggregation, parallel computing, and distributed hypothesis formation will become(More)
— To help sharing knowledge in those contexts where documents and services are annotated with semantic information, such as the Semantic Web, defining and implementing the similarity between sets of concepts belonging to a common ontology may prove very useful. In fact, if both the required and the provided pieces of information (be they textual documents,(More)