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Deduction-based software verification tools have reached a maturity allowing them to be used in industrial context where a very high level of assurance is required. This raises the question of the level of confidence we can grant to the tools themselves. We present a certified implementation of a verification condition generator. An originality is its(More)
The language MLF is an extension of System F that permits robust first-order partial type inference with second-order polymorphism. We propose an extension of MLF's graphical presentation with higher-order types and reduction at the type level as in System Fω. As inference of higher-order types won't be possible in general, the extension introduces System(More)
Cette thèse s'inscrit dans le domaine de la vérification du logiciel. Le but de la vérification du logiciel est d'assurer qu'une implémentation, un programme, répond aux exigences, satis-fait sa spécification. Cela est particulièrement important pour le logiciel critique, tel que des systèmes de contrôle d'avions, trains ou centrales électriques, où un(More)
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