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This thesis belongs to the domain of software verification. The goal of verifying software is to ensure that an implementation, a program, satisfies the requirements, the specification. This is especially important for critical computer programs, such as control systems for air planes, trains and power plants. Here a malfunctioning occurring during(More)
Deduction-based software verification tools have reached a maturity allowing them to be used in industrial context where a very high level of assurance is required. This raises the question of the level of confidence we can grant to the tools themselves. We present a certified implementation of a verification condition generator. An originality is its(More)
The language MLF is an extension of System F that permits robust first-order partial type inference with second-order polymorphism. We propose an extension of MLF’s graphical presentation with higherorder types and reduction at the type level as in System Fω. As inference of higher-order types won’t be possible in general, the extension introduces System(More)
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