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Peripheral haemodynamics was studied in healthy volunteers by strain gauge plethysmography after administration of ibopamine (IB), diisobutyric ester of N-methyl-dopamine, an orally active dopaminergic agonist. Seven subjects received a single oral dose of ibopamine of 150 mg and 6 received a daily dose of 150 mg (50 mg t.i.d.) for 5 consecutive days.(More)
Under double-blind conditions, 150 mg of ibopamine (di-isobutiric ester of N-methyldopamine) or placebo were given orally to 11 patients with congestive heart failure; after 3 hours, 50 mg of sulpiride were administered intramuscularly. Peripheral hemodynamics were evaluated at the level of the forearm using strain-gauge plethysmography. Ibopamine increased(More)
The effects of ibopamine (SB-7505, Ib), a new orally active 3,4-diisobutyryl ester of N-methyldopamine, were studied in 8 patients aged between 34-56 years with idiopathic dilatative cardiomyopathy (II-III New York Heart Association Class) diagnosed by means of right and left heart catheterization and selective coronary angiography. Equilibrium radionuclide(More)
Gli Autori hanno indagato se l'intossicazione subacuta da etanolo provoca nel ratto alterazioni dell'assorbimento intestinale del glucosio. L'assorbimento intestinale del glucosio è diminuito in maniera statisticamente significativa nei ratti trattati per 2 e 7 giorni ed è risultato quasi normale in quelli trattati per 20 giorni con etanolo.
IPublished methods for the determination of plasma triglycerides are of two kinds, enzymatic (1-3) and colorimetric (4-7). Both require preliminary removal of phospholipids and saponification of triglycerides. With the enzymatic method, glycerin released is quantitatively determined with the specific enzyme GPDH’ and NAD. In the colorimetric methods,(More)
1 Thirty in-patients of both sexes suffering from ascitic liver cirrhosis were divided into three groups treated with (a) a placebo, (b) ibopamine (SB 7505, a new oral dopaminergic drug) and (c) frusemide, for 10 days. 2 Body weight decreased with both frusemide and ibopamine, diuresis and urinary excretion of Na+ and Cl- increased with both drugs; whereas(More)
The pharmacokinetic parameters of glaziovine, a proaporphine alkaloid with neuropharmacological properties, were investigated in dogs. At alkaline pH, glaziovine-14C showed a very high partition coefficient value from a buffered water solution and both benzene and chloroform. When administered i.v. to both conscious and anaesthetized dogs, levels of(More)
Two groups of 20 patients with no evidence of cardiovascular, hepatic, renal or gastrointestinal failure were treated orally for five days with placebo or SB 7505 100 mg/day. No change was observed in heart rate or blood pressure. Urine output, the excretion of Na, K and Cl, and creatinine clearance were significantly increased.