Paolo Gerosa

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An inflexion point on the dependence of the swine kidney diamine oxidase activity upon the temperature was found at 40–43°C, suggesting a conformational transition. The activation energies with putrescine as substrate calculated from the Arrhenius plots were 38.23 kcal/mol for the temperature interval 25–40°C and only 15.14 kcal/mol for the range 45–60°C.(More)
Two years of TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter data have successfully been used to study the mesoscale field in the Mediterranean and to investigate the seasonal and year-toyear variability of the sea level and eddy statistics in this basin. The mesoscale field described by TOPEX/POSEIDON revealed a strong, but subbasin dependent, seasonal signal. Year-toyear(More)
Research on Neurofibromatosis (NF) has been directed at understanding what determines disease quiescence, exacerbation, and the possible malignant evolution. Studies on NF have examined the role of genetic oncosuppression in the evolution of the defence against the non-self. Paraffin fixed specimens of benign and malignant neoplasia, occurring in patients(More)
Considering the more recent physiopathogenetic advancements in neurofibromatosis (NF), we propose to employ novel instrumental and laboratory procedures for the immunological and clinical surveillance of NF. In NF the evolution of the non-self can lead to disease expansion, at times transforming into malignancy. Contemporarily, the resulting immunological(More)
BACKGROUND We reviewed the literature evaluating the immune reaction in neurofibromatosis (NF1) and neuroleprosy, so as to underline the immunopathegenetic parallelism and the possible therapeutic implications regarding the treatment of these two disorders. In particular we evaluated the systemic modifications and the local fibrotic events that lead to(More)
A multidisciplinary study was performed on cases of neurofibromatosis to highlight the immunological reaction using broad-spectrum hematic tests and multiphase evaluation together with clinical and instrumental monitoring. The aim of the study was to focus attention on this rare disease and prompt further sequential immunological studies. A greater(More)
Neurofibromatosis evolution is described in relation to the factors that may favour its expansion and immune modifications. NF1 monitorization should employ periodic clinical and immune surveillance. Such an approach would allow the application of immunomodulating treatment (e.g. adapted therapy) only when indicated, thereby reducing its duration and(More)
Metronidazole was found to be a non-competitive inhibitor of man, rabbit and rat intestinal diamine oxidases with an inhibition constant value of approximately 10(-4) M. The purified bovine serum amine oxidase was not inhibited, whereas the purified swine kidney enzyme gave similar results. These findings suggest that metronidazole and similar compounds,(More)
Immobilized diamine oxidase injected into the peritoneal cavity of Swiss male mice 24 h after the viable intraperitoneal transplantation of Ehrlich ascites cells inhibits tumour growth. This fact should be imputable to the oxidation of polyamines, originating from tumour cells, into aldehyde, the oxidation product.