Paolo Fornara

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This paper presents an index-based checkpointing algorithm for distributed systems with the aim of reducing the total number of checkpoints while ensuring that each checkpoint belongs to at least one consistent global checkpoint (or recovery line). The algorithm is based on an equivalence relation deened between pairs of successive c heckpoints of a process(More)
We conducted a prospectively randomised clinical trial to investigate the role of adjuvant outpatient immunochemotherapy administered postoperatively in high-risk patients with renal cell carcinoma. In total, 203 renal carcinoma patients' status post radical tumour nephrectomy were stratified into three risk groups: patients with tumour extending into renal(More)
We performed a prospectively randomised clinical trial to compare the efficacy of four subcutaneous interleukin-2-(sc-IL-2) and sc interferon-a2a (sc-IFN-a2a)-based outpatient regimens in 379 patients with progressive metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Patients with lung metastases, an erythrocyte sedimentation rate p70 mm h À1 and neutrophil counts p6000 ml(More)
  • C G Stoehr, R Stoehr, A Wenners, A Hartmann, S Bertz, V Spath +15 others
  • 2016
Human mouse double minute 2 (Mdm2) plays an essential role in the regulation of the tumor suppressor p53. The G/G variant of SNP309 was shown to increase Mdm2 mRNA/protein expression and to be associated with an increased risk and earlier onset of different cancers in Asian populations. However, the frequency and impact of these G/G variants have not been(More)
  • Francesco Quaglia Universit, Studi Di, Roma la Sapienza, Francesco Quaglia, Ciciani Bruno, Giacomo Cioo +11 others
  • 2006
This thesis is focused on the study of consistent checkpointing in distributed computations. The model of the computation is asynchronous. The investigated checkpointing approach is known as communication-induced. In this approach, processes of the distributed computation take checkpoints at their own pace (namely basic checkpoints) and some additional(More)
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