Paolo Finocchiaro

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Single photon detection is one of the most challenging goals of photonics. In recent years, the study of ultra-fast and/or low-intensity phenomena has received renewed attention from the academic and industrial communities. Intense research activity has been focused on bio-imaging applications, bio-luminescence, bio-scattering methods, and, more in general,(More)
—Threshold voltage and drain-source current behaviour of nitride read only memories (NROM) were studied both in situ during irradiation or after irradiation with photons and ions. loss fluctuations are well explained by the same Weibull statistics regardless of the irradiation species and total dose. Results of drain current measurements in-situ during(More)
The results of experiments performed to investigate the Ni+Al, Ni+Ni, Ni+Ag reactions at 30 MeV/nucleon are presented. From the study of dissipative mid-peripheral collisions, it has been possible to detect events in which Intermediate Mass Fragments (IMF) production takes place. The decay of a quasi-projectile has been identified; its excitation energy(More)
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