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This paper contributes to the growing literature on social capital and firm performance by distinguishing between " bridging " and " bonding " social capital and by investigating the moderating effect of several variables. Drawing on meta-analytic data from 50 empirical studies, we show that social capital positively influences firm performance and that(More)
Chest pain (CP) represents a frequent reason for presentation at the emergency department (ED). A large proportion of patients have non-diagnostic ECG on presentation, and in many cases several hours have elapsed since onset of symptoms. Acute rest myocardial scintigraphy (rest SPET) has been shown to have a relevant role in the detection of patients at(More)
Two cases of Merkel cell carcinoma, a neuroendocrine neoplasia of the skin, investigated with iodine-131 metaiodobenzylguanidine (131i-mIBG) scintigraphy, are reported. Uptake in the tumor was evident only in 1 case. The possible diagnostic and therapeutic role of 131I-mIBG in patients with this rare neoplasm is discussed.
INTRODUCTION At variance from office spirometry, telespirometry has not been tested as a tool for improving the ability of general practitioners (GPs) to manage chronic airway diseases. METHODS After adequate training, 937 Italian GPs agreed to perform telespirometry in subjects attending their clinics who had risk factors, persistent respiratory(More)
This paper presents and discusses data on the use of technology in general and of Web 2.0 platforms and services in particular by students at the University of Milano-Bicocca. The data was obtained from a survey on media consumption habits and usage of new web technologies conducted by the university’s Observatory on New Media, NuMediaBiOs. Research of this(More)
The Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning provides useful principles for Instructional Content Design. Meanwhile there is a lack of evidence about efficacy of these principles with children and adolescents in scholar context. In order to evaluate how the use of infographics, animations and interactivity could improve learning performance, we arranged an(More)
The current debate on the potential for change that the development of social media can bring to education seems to be based more on general and theoretical considerations than on systematic data. In order to contribute to the development of a more informed perspective, in this paper we present empirical evidence gathered from a 2008 and 2009 survey on(More)