Paolo F. Sciammarella

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The recent literature proposes the smartphone's camera to evaluate the arterial blood oxygenation (SpO<sub>2</sub>%) with the characteristic of friendly and ubiquitous measurement instrument. Some issues remain open, making difficult the compensation of artefacts causing error in the estimation of the photoplethysmogram signal (PPG) and not guarantying that(More)
New applicative scenarios like military, medical and sport often require that human motion of multiple users is simultaneously monitored by multiple observers. To fulfill such requirements, a solution that takes advantages from the Internet of Things (IoT) approach and the Publish-Subscribe communication paradigm is proposed. According to the IoT approach,(More)
In the mineral part of the teeth the calcium phosphates and calcium carbonates are combined in a collagen with the mucopolysaccharides of the organic matrix. The infection on the tooth surface caused by bacteria can modify the tooth structures resulting in the tooth decay. In order to determine the modification on the tooth structure the use of thermal(More)
The development of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) is challenging because the cyber part (software) has to control, through sensors/actuators accessed by means of a suitable network infrastructure, a physical plant which can require the fulfillment of timing constraints. This paper proposes a methodology based on a control-centric agent framework, for the(More)
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