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Chebyshev polynomials have been recently proposed for designing public-key systems. Indeed , they enjoy some nice chaotic properties, which seem to be suitable for use in Cryptography. Moreover, they satisfy a semi-group property, which makes possible implementing a trapdoor mechanism. In this paper we study a public key cryptosystem based on such(More)
A Key Distribution Center enables secure communications among groups of users in a network by providing common keys that can be used with a symmetric encryption algorithm to encrypt and decrypt messages the users wish to send to each other. A Distributed Key Distribution Center is a set of servers of a network that jointly realize a Key Distribution Center.(More)
A (k; n)-threshold visual cryptography scheme ((k; n)-threshold VCS, for short) is a method to encode a secret image SI into n shadow images called shares such that any k or more shares enable the \visual" recovery of the secret image, but by inspecting less that k share one cannot gain any information on the secret image. The \visual" recovery consists of(More)