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In this paper we study the approximation power, the existence of a normalized B-basis and the structure of a degree-raising process for spaces of the form requiring suitable assumptions on the functions u and v. The results about degree raising are detailed for special spaces of this form which have been recently introduced in the area of CAGD. Recently, in(More)
Rational re-parameterizations of a polynomial curve that preserve the curve degree and [0, 1] parameter domain are characterized by a single degree of freedom. The " optimal " re-parameterization in this family (that comes closest under the L 2 norm to arc-length parameterization) can be identified by solving a quadratic equation, but may exhibit too much(More)
This paper is concerned with the problem of existence of monotone and/or convex splines, having degree n and order of continuity k, which interpolate to a set of data at the knots. The interpolating splines are obtained by using Bernstein polynomials of suitable continuous piecewise linear functions; they satisfy the inequality k < n — k. The theorems(More)