Paolo Cavallini

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Rodents form a vital component of Free State ecosystems and monitoring them may be a relatively quick and inexpensive method of indicating healthy or unhealthy ecosystem functioning. Using removal trapping, we have studied rodent seasonal abundance, species richness, Shannon diversity, and evenness of rodents in four habitats in the Tussen-die-Riviere(More)
Censuses are widely used to monitor populations. One of the most interesting modern techniques is distance sampling, which depends on some crucial assumptions, including the random distribution of animals with respect to transect lines, which are often asphalt and gravel roads. We tested the assumption of a random distribution of animals with respect to(More)
The effect of radio transmitters on bird survival and reproduction has been explored in the literature, and contradictory results were found. Using the Kaplan–Meier method, we estimated the mortality of female ring-necked pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) in relation to radio load (percentage of total body mass). Low-load birds showed a higher survival,(More)
GRASS, and more generally GIS free software, are now ready for a more general use. Enlarging the user base is crucial to: ● have a smoother development, relatively free from contingency ● obtain institutional support. To reach this target, it is crucial to have easy-to-install packages. We therefore chose, among GNU/Linux distributions, Debian, because: ●(More)
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