Paolo Castello

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In this paper, a new viewpoint-based simplification approach is proposed for polygonal meshes. This approach is driven by an information-theoretic metric, viewpoint entropy, which measures the amount of information from a scene or object that arrives at a certain viewpoint. Our algorithm applies the best half-edge collapse as a decimation criterion and uses(More)
—This paper presents an IoT cloud-based state estimation system for distribution networks in which the PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units) are virtualized with respect to the physical devices. In the considered system only application level entities are put in the cloud, whereas virtualized PMUs are running in the communication network edge (i.e. closer to the(More)
—This paper presents an adaptive Distribution System State Estimation (DSSE) which relies on a Cloud-based IoT paradigm. The methodology is adaptive in terms of the rate of execution of the estimation process which varies depending on the indications of the distributed measurement system. The system is composed, in particular, of Phasor Measurement Units(More)
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