Paolo Casillo

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BACKGROUND Epidemiological and radiological studies have previously been performed to identify the possible causes of hemiplegic shoulder pain (HSP). Many different etiologies have been postulated, though no clear correlations have emerged, and a multifactorial pathogenesis of HSP has been proposed. Recently, two MRI-based studies have described different(More)
BACKGROUND Lower thermal and discomfort thresholds may predispose multiple sclerosis (MS) patients to chronic pain, but a possible effect of fibromyalgia (FM) comorbidity has never been investigated. Aims were to investigate the thermal and discomfort thresholds in the evaluation of pain intensity between MS patients with FM (PFM+) and MS patients with pain(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain is common in persons with multiple sclerosis (MS), but the co-morbidity of fibromyalgia (FM) has yet to be investigated in MS. Objectives of the study were to evaluate, among the various types of chronic pain, the frequency of FM in MS and its impact on MS patients' health-related quality of life (HRQoL). MATERIAL AND METHODS 133(More)
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