Paolo Capodieci

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— This paper illustrates the activities under development within the FP7 EU MICIE project. The project is devoted to design and implement an on-line alerting system, able to evaluate, in real time, the level of risk of interdependent Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Such a risk is generated by undesired events and by the high level of interconnection of the(More)
In this demonstration we present the MICIE platform for on-line risk assessment in scenarios with heterogeneous interdependent Critical Infrastructures (CIs) such as power distribution networks, power plants, refineries, water distribution networks, transportation systems and telecommunication networks. These CIs are highly exposed to a large number of(More)
—The paper presents an application of satellite communication dedicated to medical assistance of people living in hazardous social-environmental conditions. This objective has been fulfilled by a consortium between telecommunication firms and public research bodies, in cooperation with the Italian Defense Staff, by means of a telemedicine network, involving(More)
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