Paolo Cantiani

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Deadwood is an important habitat for vertebrate and invertebrate species, a key factor in the nutrient cycle and a valuable carbon pool. Difference in the deadwood C stock depends on many variables such as forest type, microclimate and forest management. We investigated the relationship between C stock in deadwood and forest management in oak stands of(More)
Alessandro Paletto1, Fabrizio Ferretti2, Isabella De Meo1, Paolo Cantiani3 and Marco Focacci4 1Agricultural Research Council – Forest Monitoring and Planning Research Unit (CRA-MPF), Villazzano di Trento 2Agricultural Research Council – Apennine Forestry Research Unit (CRA-SFA), Isernia 3Agricultural Research Council – Research Centre for Forest Ecology and(More)
As a consequence of the spread of technology, also the forest sector needs to develop methods and tools capable to integrate the new available technology (Geographical Information Systems, databases, Decision Support Systems, GPS, satellite imaging, laser etc.) with the traditional tools. In specific the present paper refers to the context of forest(More)
The dataset provides an exhaustive tree inventory with forest mensuration and spatial location carried out in 54 plots sampled in 45- to 55-year-old black pine plantations, located in two areas of Tuscany (central Italy). Forest mensuration includes horizontal and vertical structure measurements and a total of 4171 trees were geo-referenced. The most(More)
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