Paolo Bidoli

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BACKGROUND Ramucirumab is a human IgG1 monoclonal antibody that targets the extracellular domain of VEGFR-2. We aimed to assess efficacy and safety of treatment with docetaxel plus ramucirumab or placebo as second-line treatment for patients with stage IV non-small-cell-lung cancer (NSCLC) after platinum-based therapy. METHODS In this multicentre,(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with advanced non-squamous non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) benefit from pemetrexed maintenance therapy after induction therapy with a platinum-containing, non-pemetrexed doublet. The PARAMOUNT trial investigated whether continuation maintenance with pemetrexed improved progression-free survival after induction therapy with pemetrexed(More)
PURPOSE In the phase III PARAMOUNT trial, pemetrexed continuation maintenance therapy reduced the risk of disease progression versus placebo (hazard ratio [HR], 0.62; 95% CI, 0.49 to 0.79; P < .001). Here we report final overall survival (OS) and updated safety data. PATIENTS AND METHODS In all, 939 patients with advanced nonsquamous non-small-cell lung(More)
LBA7507 Background: The PARAMOUNT trial showed that pem continuation maintenance therapy significantly reduced the risk of disease progression over plb (HR=0.62; 95% CI: 0.49-0.79; p <0.0001) in patients (pts) with advanced NS NSCLC who had not progressed during pem-cis induction. Here we present the final OS data. METHODS In a double-blind,(More)
Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neurotoxicity (CIPN) is a frequent, potentially severe and dose-limiting side-effect of cancer treatment. Despite its clinical relevance that limits the use of several antineoplastic agents and even the future development of new anticancer drugs, several crucial aspects of CIPN remain unsolved, one of which is how to assess(More)
PURPOSE CEREBEL compared the incidence of CNS metastases as first site of relapse in patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive metastatic breast cancer receiving lapatinib-capecitabine or trastuzumab-capecitabine. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients without baseline CNS metastases were randomly assigned (1:1) to receive(More)
LBA4001 Background: Following radical resection of gastric or gastroesophageal junction (GEJ) adenocarcinoma, a meta-analysis and randomized studies demonstrated better survival in pts treated with fluoropyrimidine regimens compared to surgery alone. ITACA-S trial is a no-profit, multicenter, randomized, open-label, superiority phase III study aimed at(More)
PURPOSE This multicenter, phase II clinical study was conducted to evaluate the activity of the combination of pemetrexed and carboplatin in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM). PATIENTS AND METHODS Chemotherapy-naive patients with measurable disease and adequate organ function, who were not eligible for curative surgery, received(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to determine the feasibility, maximum tolerated dose, and toxicities of intraarterial administration of paclitaxel-albumin nanoparticles in patients with advanced head and neck and recurrent anal canal squamous cell carcinoma. Antitumor activity also was assessed. METHODS Forty-three patients (31 with advanced head and(More)