Paolo Belli

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Little is known about the factors that can affect informal health payments in Turkey, which is pertinent given that Turkey has been undergoing and considering a series of reforms in the health sector. This paper aims to examine the predictors of informal payments in Turkey. The study surveyed a random sample of 3,727 people in a medium-sized city, of whom(More)
INTRODUCTION Lactating adenoma is a benign condition, representing the most prevalent breast lesion in pregnant women and during puerperium; in this paper, a case of a woman with lactating adenoma occurring during the first trimester of pregnancy is reported. There have been no reports in the literature, according to our search, focusing on magnetic(More)
Women who were previously treated for breast cancer (BC) are an important particular subgroup of women at intermediate BC risk. Their breast follow-up should be planned taking in consideration a 1.0-1.5 % annual rate of loco-regional recurrences and new ipsilateral or contralateral BCs during 15-20 years, and be based on a regional/district invitation(More)
  • Nfic xeb>iflg, Allen L Hammond, William J Kramer, Robert S Katz, Julia T Tran, Courtland Walker +71 others
  • 2008
Patrocinadores y suscriptores La suscripción principal de LOS SIGUIENTES 4 MIL MILLONES ha sido proporcionada por la Internacional Finance Corporation y el Inter-American Development Bank. El apoyo financiero adicional ha sido proporcionado por Intel, Microsoft, la Fundación shell, y Visa Internacional. Aviso sobre el contenido y revisión Agradecemos la(More)
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