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This study was designed to investigate the putative anxiolytic-like activity of ultra-low doses of Gelsemium sempervirens (G. sempervirens), produced according to the homeopathic pharmacopeia. Five different centesimal (C) dilutions of G. sempervirens (4C, 5C, 7C, 9C and 30C), the drug buspirone (5 mg/kg) and solvent vehicle were delivered intraperitoneally(More)
The first part of this paper reviews the effects of homeopathic remedies on several models of anxiety-like behaviours developed and described in rodents. The existing literature in this field comprises some fifteen exploratory studies, often published in non-indexed and non-peer-reviewed journals. Only a few results have been confirmed by multiple(More)
We developed a colorimetric assay estimating the radical-scavenging activity of human plasma. The test is based on a measure, in 96-well microplates at 450 nm, of the bleaching of carotenoid crocin by peroxyl radicals generated during thermal decomposition of 2, 2'-azobis-(2-amidinopopane) dihydrochloride (ABAP). The inhibition of this bleaching is a(More)
A procedure for the determination of the adhesion of human platelets to protein-coated culture microwells was developed. The number of platelets was quantitated by measuring the activity of acid phosphatase, a platelet enzyme whose activity is stable independently of platelet stimulation and is not released. Isolated and washed platelets were incubated in(More)
OBJECTIVES Several hypotheses have been proposed regarding the role of HLA-B27 antigen in the pathogenesis of the spondylarthropathies. METHODS We studied some neutrophil functions in vivo in patients affected by ankylosing spondylitis or by reactive arthritis, with or without HLA-B27, and in healthy control subjects. In vivo neutrophil migration was(More)
We studied in vitro the antiplatelet activity of a new nitroderivative chemically related to acetylsalicylic acid: 2 acetoxybenzoate 2-[1-nitroxy-methyl]-phenyl ester (NCX 4016), in order to identify any effects due to the release of nitric oxide and the blockade of cyclo-oxygenase. The effects of scalar doses of NCX 4016 on the early phase of platelet(More)
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  • 2003
Homeopathy is founded on 'holistic' and 'vitalistic' paradigms, which may be interpreted--at least in part--in terms of a framework provided by the theory of dynamic systems and of complexity. The conceptual models and some experimental findings from complexity science may support the paradoxical claims of similia principle and of dilution/dynamization(More)
BACKGROUND Basophils are circulating cells involved in hypersensitivity reactions and allergy but many aspects of their activation, including the sensitivity to external triggering factors and the molecular aspects of cell responses, are still to be focused. In this context, polychromatic flow cytometry (PFC) is a proper tool to investigate basophil(More)
In traditional Materia Medica, Gelsemium sempervirens (G. sempervirens) is described as a remedy for a variety of anxiety-like psychological and behavioral symptoms, however consistent evidence of its efficacy is lacking. In our recent experimental studies (Bellavite et al., 2009; Magnani et al., 2010), groups of CD1 mice were treated with highly diluted(More)
The formation of oxygen-derived free radicals by the phagocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, monocytes and macrophages) is catalysed by a membrane-bound NADPH oxidase which is dormant in resting cells and becomes activated during phagocytosis or following interaction of the cells with suitable soluble stimulants. This enzyme is under investigation in many(More)