Paolo Baldini

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In the paper we propose nonparametric approaches for e-learning data. In particular we want to supply a measure of the relative exercises importance, to estimate the acquired Knowledge for each student and finally to personalize the e-learning platform. The methodology employed is based on a comparison between nonparametric statistics for kernel density(More)
Different features of insulin sensitivity have been considered, in rat hepatocytes, with respect to their age-dependence. In particular, plasma membrane-located responses such as (Na/K)-ATPase and Na-dependent aminoacid transport were studied together with cytoplasmic responses such as the insulin-stimulated tyrosine aminotransferase. It appears, as far as(More)
The effect of insulin on human red blood cells was investigated, both on intact cells and on isolated plasma membranes, testing the responsiveness of membrane-bound enzymes--such as (Na+-K+)-ATPase and 5'-nucleotidase--as well as the ouabain binding and ionic fluxes. It appears that insulin stimulates Na-pumping mechanisms increasing (Na+-K+)-ATPase(More)
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