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HYPOTHESIS Local application of autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) improves tendon healing in patients undergoing arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, randomized, controlled, double blind study; considering an alpha level of 5%, a power of 80%, 22 patients for group are needed. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-three patients who(More)
AIM To determine diagnostic performance of magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA) in evaluating rotator cuff tears (RCTs) using Snyder's classification for reporting. METHODS One hundred and twenty-six patients (64 males, 62 females; median age 55 years) underwent shoulder MRA and arthroscopy, which represented our reference standard. Surgical arthroscopic(More)
An elongation or partial articular-sided tear of the radial lateral collateral ligament (R-LCL) is a rare injury causing disability and instability of the elbow. In our experience this condition is often associated with a pathologic sign of the annular ligament named the "annular drive through" caused by a redundancy of the ligament. The benefits of(More)
The anteroposterior (AP) stability of standard anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, referred to as "vertical," was compared with that of a modified femoral position, referred to as "horizontal," which is lower than and anterior to an operative knee at 90° flexion. Two consecutive series of 50 patients underwent vertical and horizontal(More)
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