Paolo A. Bragatto

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Process plants design, construction, and operation of major equipments are ruled by standards and engineering codes, which are intended to assure reliability and safety. In the case of pressure vessels these rules are aimed at guaranteeing the stability under required pressure and temperature conditions. In this paper we exploit the most advanced(More)
BACKGROUND At a large chemical park maintenance is contracted by the major companies operating the plants to many small firms. The cultural and psychological isolation of contractor workers was recognized a root cause of severe accidents in the recent years. That problem is common in chemical industry. OBJECTIVE The knowledge sharing has been assumed a(More)
Risk based inspection (RBI) is recognized an effective method to reduce risk and raise the level of safety in many industries. Whilst in traditional deterministic approach the inspection frequencies and modes are fixed, in RBI for each item of equipment, the inspection interval depends on the risk level. RBI ensures a higher safety level without increasing(More)
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