Paolino Di Felice

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A framework for the qualitative representation of positional information in a two-dimensional space is presented. Qualitative representations use discrete quantity spaces, where a particular distinction is introduced only if it is relevant to the context being modeled. This allows us to build a flexible framework that accommodates various levels of(More)
Spatial data are at the core of many scientific information systems. The design of suitable query languages for spatial data retrieval and analysis is still an issue on the cutting edge of research. The primary requirement of these languages is to support spatial operators. Unfortunately, current systems support only simplified abstractions of geographic(More)
A framework for the representation of qualitative distances is developed inspired by previous work on qualitative orientation. It is based on the concept of \distance systems" consisting of a list of distance relations and a set of structure relations that describe how the distance relations in turn relate to each other. The framework is characterized by(More)