Paola Zizzi

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We give the logical description of a new kind of quantum measurement that is a reversible operation performed by a hypothetical insider observer, or, which is the same, a quantum measurement made in a quantum space background, like the fuzzy sphere. The result is that the non-contradiction and the excluded middle principles are both invalidated, leading to(More)
We consider the issue of computability at the most fundamental level of physical reality: the Planck scale. To this aim, we consider the theoretical model of a quantum computer on a non commutative space background, which is a computational model for quantum gravity. In this domain, all computable functions are the laws of physics in their most primordial(More)
The existence of a non-algorithmic side of the mind, conjectured by Penrose on the basis of Gödel's first incompleteness theorem, is investigated here in terms of a quantum metalanguage. We suggest that, besides human ordinary thought, which can be formalized in a computable, logical language, there is another important kind of human thought, which is(More)
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