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We consider the quantum computational process as viewed by an insider observer: this is equivalent to an isomorphism between the quantum computer and and a quantum space, namely the fuzzy sphere. The result is the formulation of a reversible quantum measurement scheme, with no hidden information.
We interpret the Holographic Conjecture in terms of quantum bits (qubits). Nqubit states are associated with surfaces that are punctured in N points by spin networks' edges labelled by the spin2 1 representation of ) 2 ( SU , which are in a superposed quantum state of spin "up" and spin "down". The formalism is applied in particular to de Sitter horizons,(More)
We assume that space-time at the Planck scale is discrete, quantised in Planck units and "qubitsed" (each pixel of Planck area encodes one qubit), that is, quantum spacetime can be viewed as a quantum computer. Within this model, one finds that quantum space-time itself is entangled, and can quantum-evaluate Boolean functions which are the laws of Physics(More)
As it is well known, quantum entanglement is one of the most important features of quantum computing, as it leads to massive quantum parallelism, hence to exponential computational speed-up. In a sense, quantum entanglement is considered as an implicit property of quantum computation itself. But...can it be made explicit? In other words, is it possible to(More)
We investigate the internal logic of a quantum computer with two qubits, in the two particular cases of non-entanglement (separable states) and maximal entanglement (Bell’s states). To this aim, we consider an internal (reversible) measurement which preserves the probabilities by mirroring the states. We then obtain logical judgements for both cases of(More)
We consider the issue of computability at the most fundamental level of physical reality: the Planck scale. To this aim, we consider the theoretical model of a quantum computer on a non commutative space background, which is a computational model for quantum gravity. In this domain, all computable functions are the laws of physics in their most primordial(More)
We give the logical description of a new kind of quantum measurement that is a reversible operation performed by a hypothetical insider observer, or, which is the same, a quantum measurement made in a quantum space background, like the fuzzy sphere. The result is that the non-contradiction and the excluded middle principles are both invalidated, leading to(More)