Paola Soto

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The antioxidant properties of grass lignins recovered from an alkaline industrial process and from different ethanol organosolv pretreatment processes were compared using two types of tests: (i) classical radical 2,2'-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH(•)) scavenging tests in dioxane/water or ethanol and (ii) tests involving multiphasic systems (lipid(More)
This paper investigates the effect of ingredients on the reactions occurring during the making of sponge cake and leading to the generation of volatile compounds related to flavour quality. To obtain systems sensitive to lipid oxidation (LO), a formulation design was applied varying the composition of fatty matter and eggs. Oxidation of polyunsaturated(More)
Shape equations for phospholipid vesicles including a spherical actin cortex are derived<lb>in 2 and 3 spatial dimensions. They arise from the condition of stationarity of the membrane free<lb>energy at fixed area and volume'. Numerical solutions are presented in the 2 dimensional case, while, in<lb>the more involved context of 3 dimensional shapes, the(More)
In this study the ability of Avene spring water to inhibit basophil degranulation was confirmed. The active principle is thermo-labile and inactivated by ultraviolet or gamma radiation. Inhibition of basophil degranulation occurred with immunological stimuli (e.g. antigen, anti-IgE) but not with the calcium ionophore A23187 as the secretory stimulus. Freeze(More)
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