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A novel method for initiating somatic embryogenesis in grapevine, based on immature whole flower culture, is presented. The embryogenic competence of flowers was compared to that of anthers and ovaries, the most widely used explant types, for five grapevine cultivars. Both the genotype and the explant source affected the differentiation of somatic embryos.(More)
Individual lines of Vitis vinifera Barbera and Chardonnay were obtained by in vitro culture of axillary buds collected from phytoplasma-affected mother plants. The molecular assays did not detect the “flavescence dorée” (FD) phytoplasma in the 66 lines tested after 6-9 months of culture, while the “bois noir”-associated phytoplasma was detected in 22 out of(More)
A great number of flavored grape varieties, of significant oenological potential, are traditionally cultivated in north-western Italy, besides the renowned “Moscato bianco” (syn. “Muscat à petits grains blancs”). Understanding their origin, besides its historical and scientific interest, would help to increase market appeal and consequently facilitate the(More)
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