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During and after spaceflight astronauts experience neurophysiological alterations. To investigate if the impairment observed might be traced back to cytomorphology, we undertook a ground based research using a random positioning machine (clinostat) as a simulation method for microgravity. The outcome of the study was represented by cytoskeletal changes(More)
UNLABELLED 44 patients (34% smokers) presenting with severe periodontitis were treated with full mouth root planing (RPL). In each patient, 1 intrabony defect was treated with guided tissue regeneration (GTR). After 1 year of monthly prophylaxis, full mouth plaque (FMPS) and bleeding (FMBS) scores were 8.3 +/- 4.1% and 5.6 +/- 3.8%. At 1 year, the GTR(More)
We explored the pulmonary effects of continuous mechanical ventilation (MV) at a peak inspiratory pressure of 50 cm H2O in healthy, paralyzed, and anesthetized adult sheep during a period of 48 h. The 9 control sheep (Group A) were ventilated with 40% oxygen at a tidal volume of about 10 ml/kg and a peak inspiratory pressure of 15 to 20 cm H2O. All these(More)
BACKGROUND Dogs are definitive hosts for numerous species of the intracellular protozoan parasite Sarcocystis. Reports of sarcocysts in muscles of dogs most often represent incidental findings. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES To report the clinicopathologic, ultrastructural, and molecular findings in 2 dogs with myositis associated with Sarcocystis spp. infection,(More)
Na+-K+-Cl- cotransport and Na+/K+ATPase were studied by immunohistochemistry in the kidney and urinary bladder of Trematomus bernacchii and Chionodraco hamatus. The activity was correlated to the density of mitochondria. The first segment of the renal proximal tubule was more active than the second one. In T. bernacchii and the temperate marine teleost(More)
Using an animal model of acute respiratory failure (ARF), we evaluated two treatments: conventional mechanical pulmonary ventilation (MV) and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) with extracorporeal removal of CO2 by an artificial membrane lung. We developed a model of "mild" ARF and a model of "severe" ARF after ventilating healthy sheep at a peak(More)
We used scanning electron microscopy, the vital dye DASPEI and an antibody to the inner mitochondrial membrane to study the presence and localisation of mitochondria-rich cells in the gills and skin (opercular, dorsal and ventral) of the lungfish Protopterus annectens in its free-swimming conditions and at the beginning of aestivation. In the free-swimming(More)
Tissue damage during cold storage and reperfusion remains a major obstacle to wider use of transplantation. Vascular endothelial cells and complement activation are thought to be involved in the inflammatory reactions following reperfusion, so endothelial targeting of complement inhibitors is of great interest. Using an in vitro model of human umbilical(More)
Hormonal changes in humans during spaceflight have been demonstrated but the underlying mechanisms are still unknown. To clarify this point thyroid and testis/epididymis, both regulated by anterior pituitary gland, have been analyzed on long-term space-exposed male C57BL/10 mice, either wild type or pleiotrophin transgenic, overexpressing osteoblast(More)