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1. Reanalysis of Ishai et al. (1999): Does the pattern of response to line drawings indicate the category of photographs being viewed and vice versa? It is possible that low-level features that are shared by grayscale photographs of exemplars from a single category, such as mean luminance, mean contrast, spatial frequencies, straight vs curved edges,(More)
The X-ray spectra of accreting black hole systems generally contain components (sometimes dominating the total emission) which are well-fit by thermal Comptonization models with temperatures ∼ 100 keV. We demonstrate why, over many orders of magnitude in heating rate and seed photon supply, hot plasmas radiate primarily by inverse Compton scattering, and(More)
Age-related cognitive impairment and dementia are an increasing societal burden. Epidemiological studies indicate that lifestyle factors, e.g. physical, cognitive and social activities, correlate with reduced dementia risk; moreover, positive effects on cognition of physical/cognitive training have been found in cognitively unimpaired elders. Less is known(More)
We consider the effect of radiation pressure from ionizing photons on black hole (BH) mass estimates based on the application of the virial theorem to broad emission lines in AGN spectra. BH masses based only on the virial product ÁV 2 R and neglecting the effect of radiation pressure can be severely underestimated, especially in objects close to the(More)
In this work we investigated the compatibility with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) studies of a fabric sensing glove. The glove is able to monitor hand posture and gesture, and could be fruitfully used in fMRI studies to explore brain activity during specific tactile or motor tasks. A specific compatibility test was performed and results are(More)
The application of the virial theorem to the Broad Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei allows Black Hole mass estimates for large samples of objects at all redshifts. In a recent paper we showed that ionizing radiation pressure onto BLR clouds affects virial BH mass estimates and we provided empirically calibrated corrections. More recently, a new test of(More)
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