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BACKGROUND In a growth phase occurring during most of folliculogenesis, the oocyte produces and accumulates molecules and organelles that are fundamental for the development of the preimplantation embryo. At ovulation, growth is followed by a phase of maturation that, although confined within a short temporal window, encompasses modifications of the oocyte(More)
The Technical Committee on System Identification and Adaptive Control (TCSIAC) is pleased to report on activities undertaken during the past six months (June-November 2008). 1. The committee met on June 11, 2008 during the American Control Conference in Seattle, with 10 members in attendance. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 9 as part of(More)
In the vicinity of extraordinary vertices, the action of a primal subdivision scheme for the construction of arbitrary topology surfaces can be represented by structured matrices that form a hybrid matrix algebra related to the block-circulant algebra. Exploiting the block diagonal-ization of such matrices, we can easily take into consideration the(More)
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